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As a reader of our blog, you certainly are already convinced of our deep knowledge of email marketing. Not only do we proof our expertise in our articles, but also do we offer the best and complete mail services for you. Take a look at our mail servers coupled with really well thought out and discrete features. We are sure to only provide the very best experience to you.

In that regard, it doesn’t matter if your for your standard campaigns, for cold outreaching to your prospective customers or are more into mass mailing.

Not only did we incorporate our profound experiences into our mail services. Furthermore, we also did implement the very special features at very affordable prices.

And the best: Choose our service and you will get an all in one done for you service!

Your Problem which is Holding You Back

  • Sending a lot of mails to your lists? 1000, 5000 or maybe 150,000 per month? Or do you need even a higher sending quota?
  • Your current provider is getting more and more expensive? You need more control over your mailing efforts?
  • You think you are to small for your own mail server? Your list are getting really big?
  • You think, you cannot manage your own server?
  • We have got you covered!
  • Have your own mail server! Full control over your email marketing, by yourself or managed by us. Fully compliant with the regulations. Just upload your lists, write your email or newsletter and push the button. Done.
  • No longer needed to rely on 3rd partys or pay the high fees to the big providers. Pay a fixed fee per month or year and know exactly your costs.
  • See our pricelist for self-managed mail servers: Standard – up to 1500 mails per day, Advanced – up to 5000 mails per day, Pro – up to 10000 per day, Custom – up to how much you want to send per day
  • Bulletproof – Your server is hardened against all casualities which comes with email sending in bulk
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Our Solution – All in One Done for You

  • Depending on your plan, each mail server is setup according to your special needs and comes with the following features:
  • Server Included*
  • Email Panel Included*
  • 1 x IPv4 Included
  • 24×7 Ticket Support
  • Geolocation Statistics
  • DNS Setup
  • Own Domain Email
  • WebMail Access
  • Additional Domains
  • Landing Page
  • SSL Supported
  • 2.6 Million Spam Traps Included
  • Super Fast Contacts Import & Export
  • Dynamic Content Tags
  • Surveys
  • Social Network
  • Spins
  • Unlimited Campaigns per Month
  • Unlimited Recipients per Campaign
  • No branding in email footer
  • Dozens of built-in templates
  • Step-by-step campaign wizard
  • Custom fields for personalization
  • In-email dynamic content blocks
  • Unlimited autoresponders
  • Split test email campaigns
  • Powerful XML-based API
  • Powerful, automated triggers
  • Full campaign statistics
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Full WYSIWYG campaign editing
  • Pause and resume sending
  • Automatic event logging
  • Built-in CRM functionality
  • Google Calendar integration
  • RSS email campaign archive
  • Premium Support
  • Web Forms with Dynamic Email Validation
  • Automatic Management of Bounces
  • Spam Protection
  • List Segmentation
  • Fully GDPR Compliant
  • DKIM & SPF Configuration
  • SMTP access for email sending

You to Can Outsmart Your Competitors

Fast and easy down to the point. Your solution is just round the corner. We make no fuss. Choose our service and get a done for you solution.

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